Anna Hazare – Supporting Him The Right Way!

Take a bow to Anna Hazare. He is crusading against corruption. Last checked, corruption was the root cause of all the problems plaguing India. This accomplished social activist is on Fast unto Death. We should all support him by fasting for a day and spreading the message on social networks.

Not so fast!

There is a fundamental problem with the way everyone is jumping onto the “I Support Anna Hazare” bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong here. I am all for supporting this great man and his dogged determination to root out corruption. However, I am not OK with the way this “support” is being understood by the masses.

Are you worthy of supporting Mr. Hazare? Before fasting, have you even questioned yourself whether you are corrupt? Have you NOT resorted to bribing for getting things done? Have you NOT comfortably slid under the cloak of helplessness to abet corruption? Have you NOT jumped the line in the passport office by questionable means?

Have you? Or have you not?

Here is some more food for introspection. Have you NOT fudged your resume to get your dream job? Have you NOT reported your iPhone as lost in the UK and then gift it to your family members or friends in India? Have you NOT resorted to piracy? Books or Movies or Music?

Can you say unequivocally that you are not corrupt? Can you declare confidently that you are on the right side of this movement?

I apologize for sounding so rude. My intention is not to point fingers at you. The word “You” is used in a generic sense. Please don’t be of the opinion that I am accusing you, the reader, of all that I have talked so far.

On Twitter, on Facebook, on my company’s bulletin board – I see all these messages from family and friends, celebrities – movie stars, sportspersons – All quickly siding with Mr Anna Hazare. Isn’t it convenient? Fast for a day and you are on Mr Hazare’s side. All your sins are forgiven. You need not change your way of life. Just a day of fasting and your bit is done in the crusade against corruption.

I don’t know about you. For me, this is just on the same level as the then Home Minister Mr Shivraj Patil saying “I condemn” in a freshly pressed suit – immediately after the Mumbai attack.

You condemn? You sure do. It absolves you of your responsibility, does it?

In the same way, fasting does not absolve you of responsibility. It does not prove anything.

When Anna Hazare fasts, the world blinks – It is not the fasting part that makes everyone sit right up and take notice. It is fasting backed by Mr Hazare’s impeccable integrity and stature. He is worthy of the cause. Are you?

Fast, by all means. But if you want to truly support Mr Hazare, root out corruption from YOU to start with. And then, take a deep breath and wave your hand to set in motion a butterfly effect to change the world.

Take a bow to thee, Anna Hazare. I will try to walk in your footsteps. This is my promise. Until then, I am not fasting.


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13 thoughts on “Anna Hazare – Supporting Him The Right Way!”

  1. Well I haven’t done anything against the code of conduct according to the protocols of ethics. I haven’t cheated in any examinations that I underwent and I never told lies for my personal benefit. I know you will be amazed to see a satyugi man in this era but I am like this as my sanskars are still intact so I deserve to stand up ……………….. any questions

  2. It is a pleasure to see your comment on my blog Ardhendu. I have never said such men of integrity are not there in India. My point is that, only such men (women included) have the stature to protest.

    You can go ahead and fast now. :)

  3. i half-accept your statement.. lets this be a start.. people had done some mistakes, one cannot be good all the times.. this will be a motivation at a personal level, a spark to someone.. lets forget and forgive..


  4. Excellent Article and well said. But I would like to not agree with you on the same. When we are in a corrupt system which means a flawed system, you need a way to get around flaws in order for your life to move forward. Getting around means paying bribes. For necessities paying bribe is not wrong(I am not saying it is right, all I am saying is IT IS NOT WRONG). The difficult part now translates into how do we decide what is a necessity and what is not.

    The truth is that there is another factor called the System which governs any individuals actions. Basically “WE” the people defined the System a while ago. The System is nothing but a set of rules which we call as the LAW. The more VAGUE the laws the more complicated it becomes to interpret and more complicated it is to implement them. Unfortunately we have the vaguest of the vague laws in the world.

    All our rules/laws are based on the fact that Indians will behave for themselves, act for themselves, and conduct themselves in a selfless manner. That is the fundamental mistake that our founding fathers have done while drafting/copying the constitution.

    Mr. ANNA HAZARE has my complete support, his struggle must be applauded. Without changing the System implementing the Lokpal bill would be like running a marathon on Quick Sand.

    This struggle by Anna is the first step in the right direction and hope the govt. will not hinder the second step. People get ready for the change!!! :)

    JAI HO

  5. Well said. I do not mind whether the ‘YOU’ is corrupt or not in real life, if his/her enthusiasm with respect to this campaign goes beyond slacktivism.

    I am not confident about the success of the bill, as already politicians and bureaucrats are doing their best to weaken RTI.

    I admire Anna Hazare’s efforts and determination, though.

  6. Well said Venu. But we cant do this over night, maybe we should start by stop bribing someone at-least once a month. Maybe it will account for something and grow exponentially!

  7. A thought provoking article. Once I was involved in curtailing corruption in HR department of a major paper industry in India. And I succeeded and was offered more projects by its CEO. But could not do away the same fully with unions and govt.authorities. But still I feel I can support Anna movement. :)

  8. Excellent thoughts, people should stop being sheep and just follow others blindly ..just because they shout catchy slogan like “We will end corruption”, ending corruption starts with us…..

  9. Kudos to Annaji for this big kick start, but I beleive that he will actually win only when the autowala collects the right fare, when lawyer who made long chains stop protecting or arguing cases for criminals in glove with police, when the police actually protect and help citizens, when students stop paying donations, when teachers & professors stop taking tuitions, when student organizatios stop all bandhs, when citizens gather their basic civic sense come out of their hypocracy and start cleaning up their local areas etc etc …….. but the best part is if we can do this then there will be no reason to jump on this band wagon

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